Positive OPK 3days in a row?

Tuesday I tested with a digital OPK in am and got blinky smiley, and tested again Tuesday evening and got a blinky smiley. I tested Wednesday am and got a blinky smiley, and tested again Wednesday evening and received a solid smiley. Thursday am I used an OPK test strip (can't use digital once solid smiley comes) and it was postive, Thursday evening I of course tested again and it again was postive. (Glow said yesterday was my ovulation day). My bbt however dropped slightly this morning (Friday, Happy Halloween) and I took another OPK - again positive! (Yes the test line has been darker than the control line for 2 days). Is it possible to get a peak and then positives for 3 days in a row? We have been BDing every night since Tuesday but I'm worried now that I actually didn't ovulate yet. (Or if my egg is having a hard time releasing). I did have an HSG test Monday (solid circle, day before blinky smiley started). I have bloodwork scheduled for Monday am to see if I actually ovulated. Any advice? Please!