I guess this is what "It's Complicated" is like...

Okay. This is about me and the guy I've been seeing for a month or so.
It started out as just a hook up. We met through a mutual friend on facebook, started messaging and met in person and hooked up. Two days later we went to the museum and movies and had a super fun day!
and eventually we started hanging out more and more and when I moved into my own apartment he started spending the night.
This last week he's spent the night 5 out of 7 nights, and he is kind and caring and everything.
A death in his family occurred 2 weeks ago and he didn't tell me about it (and we talk all the time, all day every day. He won't go a few hours without texting me) and when I asked him why he hadn't told me when jut happened he said he had a hard time expressing his feelings and talking about things. I noticed this before hand and realized it was true, and that's alright.
Now I really want him to know I don't want to see other people, and I want to be his girlfriend, but how do I figure out if he wants the same thing if he can't ever talk about how he feels? 
What steps do I take? Does he care about me enough to even consider an actual relationship?
I told him I didn't want as much physical anymore and we didn't do anything sexual any of those 5 nights, and he didn't pressure me or anything. It was purely hanging out together and sleeping and cuddling. 
He watched my dog, called into work and watched my dog because I couldn't watch her or leave her home one day, and that's a big sacrifice...
Idk. I feel like he's ready and wants the same thing, but at the same time I'm terrified of rejection and of making a fool out of myself, and possibly losing my best friend.
We didn't start out best friends... And he's grown into that in my opinion... Should I friend zone him, or should I ask him to be committed?