November here we go!!!!!

Massy • Mommy of preemie twins born at 29 weeks with IVF fresh transfer
Ok ladies I'm sorry for the delay, here is the new thread for us ladies that did not get a BFP in October!!!!
We had an awesome thread going on for October I really hope we can keep this one as active or more! 
I am sorry I did not add any name, but as we all know we had a large group. 
I hope you all can find it and new ladies are welcome to join is and hope that November it's our month to finally see those beautiful two pink lines, a cross, the amount of weeks, the word yes or the word pregnant!!!!! 
I have to say I was pretty depressed after AF showed her face, that is part of the reason I did not create the new thread immediately but then I just thought about all the things I've learned not only from the app but from the ladies in here. After all we went through on October, I was like no, let me get active again and keep trying for November with my ladies.
So here we go and let's hope for our BFP, like I mentioned on our old thread please share what we will do differently to try and get that BFP. I am new to trying and would like to try some things like bbt, OPK's, vitamins, geritol and vitex. I know there are teas and other things. Please comment and let's give each other support....again!