Please help , I don't know where I stand.. please anyone..

I posted my chart earlier but no one has said anything about it. I am really confused on it. So again I'll state the first 2 days of tracking I had ewcm and my cervix was high soft and open so I'm assuming i ovulated when I started tracking. The second day was high soft closed with watery cm. The third day was medium medium and creamy cm. The fourth day it was lo medium closed with creamy cm . The fifth day low firm closed and creamy cm. The sixth day it was medium medium closed and watery cm. Now today it medium firm and creamy cm. My cervix seems to be moving higher with each day so I am not sure what that means. I thought it stayed low before and throughout period. I think I was ovulating when I started charting because I the high soft open cervix. What do you think? Does it look promising ? Does my cervix positionings sound hopeful? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I am so nervous and don't know what to expect and need advice . Please help me .