HELP is my husband cheating

I am 18 weeks pregnant with our second baby and I have no clue what to do. He goes out clubbing a lot more and won't come home till 5am. His been very distant he won't have sex with me he only wants other things I found a text message on his phone from a woman saying good night love you xxand this morning found another text off the same person saying good morning baby xx He delets his sent messages so don't know what his responses areI rang the number and froze as I heard her voice. I've added this person on what's app to see if she has a pic but not at the moment but has his fake name in her status in brackets fiancée  .  I hacked his email address to find his been online dating sites (that's how I know about this fake name) and one email for a booked hotel for in our capital  back in September do I confront him or wait to see if I can get more evidence? My heart is breaking and I don't think I can keep it together much longer! Help have no one to talk to