Needing Serious Opinions!!

Markita • -Wife to W.J.A, 06/28/14💍 -Mommy to O.J.A, 08/10/16💙 & J.J.A, 03/24/18💙
Okay so my last AF was VERY short & light compared to my normal. I took a test a few days after & it was a BFN! Now I was supposed to start AF 4 days ago & nothing's happening yet. My breasts are starting to get really sore & my sex drive is over the place. Plus I can't sleep good at all anymore for the past few days, I wake up a million times a night & I can't get comfortable. I don't think I'm pregnant, I have female family history with difficulty getting a BFP. (Uterus tipped to far) we have been trying for 4 months now tho. So any ideas what could be going on? Thanks!