My little story

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Here's my little story of my journey with TTC #2...
I'm currently tTc #2. 
Got off the Camilla tablet in August 2014. 
My thyroid is fine. My cholesterol is a bit high. And my iron is fine. Im also taking a prenatal vitamin. 
Been trying to get pregnant now for 3 months. Had two cycles of the period. I've seen positive ovulation tests for sure. Have had sex during the peak times and a couple days before the big solid line for ovulation test
Also I've had UTI's and vaginal bacteria infections. Took medicine for all that too. 
My periods are very irregular. Like playing a game. Don't know when it'll show up. 
So my problem is: patience. I have no lack of patience left in my system. Bought a ton of pregnancy tests and ovulation tests off of amazon. Every pregnancy test has been negative. 
What am I doing wrong? How can I speed this up? I really want to get pregnant before Christmas!