Need some GLOW support right now ?

I am almost 6w along and I am an emotional mess. Today I just feel like laying in bed and crying. This should be such a happy time and here I am on an emotional roller coaster. My SO is getting cold feet and I think that's why I am so emotional. He had a little girl at only 18years old with an ex girlfriend. Needless to say she is crazy and rarely lets us have his daughter. She is such a bad person and surrounds herself with druggies and a different man every week. I think this is why my SO is so nervous and upset. I feel like he thinks it is going to happen again. I am complete opposite of her and am finishing nursing school. He has a wonderful career and we have a great house. All of a sudden he is in tears saying things like "I love u and I'm sorry but  not ready yet" "please let's terminate and wait a few years" and "I don't want to ruin us or another child's life". My sorry but we are both 25 years old now and I feel we are completely capable of giving this child a wonderful life. I love him more than anything and don't want to lose him because I won't terminate! How do I warm him up to the idea? Has anyone else been in my shoes?! Please feel free to leave advice ?