How long?

How long after a laparoscopy did the endo pain return? Just wondering cuz i went through it may of 2013 and by January of 2014 it had come back with a vengeance. I recently went through it again in august(more difficult/painful recovery for this one) and the pain in my right ovary has returned, again with a vengeance. The first time the doctor removed any endo tissue from that ovary but my second surgery which was done by a different doctor he said he didn't see anything on that ovary. The whole reason i went to him was cuz that one hurt again. Needless to say I'm pretty fed up with being in constant pain. The other night it got so bad while at Walmart i had to hold on to the cart to keep from dropping to my knees! Anyways was just wondering how long it took for other women's endo to come back. I feel like I'm alone because mine comes back almost immediately.