Need someone to talk to :(

Hi, I've had this app for a few months but stopped using it for a little while. I decided to start using it again this week and realise I have had unprotected sex during my most firtile day. 
​I am 20 years old and have been with my SO for 2 years. He is 22. We have always said that if we were to become pregnant it would be fine and we would both be really happy although we were never TTC. We live together and hold down stable jobs. However now I've had sex on my most firtile day I'm extremely scared of being pregnant. The worst part is I'm not scared of having a baby or anything I'm scared of everyone's reaction and opinions. I don't want people to look down at me as some 'irresponsible' young girl. I know it shouldn't matter what people think as we both feel ready financially and physically but the thought of telling friends and co workers that we are pregnant is terrifying to me! It sounds pathetic I know but I'm just so so nervous about this TWW. I really need some positive advice guys and yes I know we should have been using some contraception or birth control but it's too late for this at the moment. 
​Please be kind as I really feel quite alone right now x