Hormonal and crabby...

So... I was supposed to have my six month check up tonight. I work in the city and have to take a train home. Thursdays are the only nights my OB is open later and I have to take a hour off my work schedule to get there for the last appointment they offer. My  husbands work is not your typical 9-5; they do their schedules every month so he had to take this day off. Since I take the train he has to pick me up and take me so it's not like he can't be there. I left work early per usually when I have appts, and my dr office called me as I'm on the train to cancel my appointment. The dr had a delivery. I understand this can happen but I'm frustrated because they don't have anything available the following Thursday and my husband is working the 20th... And then it's thanksgiving. Basically I will miss out on my whole six month appointment. I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, or if their OB has back up plans for this? It's just frustrating bc I guess there is no back up dr. I'm also extra nervous bc my friend just recently lost her child, so I've been extra paranoid.
Sorry, I know I could just be hormonal and cranky... This is just our first child and I don't know if this is a typical thing. It's even harder when your work doesn't really allow for you to always take off. I don't really have much time left either with it being the end of the year.