Bit of advice please guys :) xx

Charlotte • Ttc #1 harder than i thought! ❤
Hi everyone. I'm 21 and me and my partner have been together 6 years and I have been off birth control for about 4 and a half years (decided we wanted a family early!!) Anyway I've never done opks at all before I just never used protection and thought it would happen. Years later now getting desperate we've started trying properly. Other half got a sperm test and everything has come back normal. My cycle is really really regular and I come on like clockwork each month so I assume (maybe wrongly) I ovulate each month? (I've had blood tests as well to confirm ovulation) do you think all this time we just might not of caught it right? Desperate for some hope. Anyone in similar situations or got any advice for me please? Would be really really appreciate. Thankyou xxxx