Can you guys help???

... ok this is probably gonna be really really long... ok well me a my boyfriend broke up last night? bc I know what I saw on his phone I tend to look down at it cuz he was kinda hiding it amd it said Danielle plus that whole day he was being distant and would barely touch me I asked him what's wrong he said nothing hes just tired well he dont act like this when hes tired so I kept it in until I went home and I texted him and asked him why were you being so distant and why were you texting this girl named danille and he flipped shit and said are you trying to acuse me of shit .. were donw I'm tired of this bullshit and I just ball my eyes out and my best friend (cylence) and my guy best friend(caleb) were talkimg to me well caleb he loves me like relationship wise and friend wise well I was talking to my boyfried at the time and he said were just gonna take a break well this was over 2 3 maybe 4 hours then he claims that he misses me so much and he cant do this then we were talking through the the rest of the night and he said well I dont wanna take a break and all this so I tryed explaining to him that this could help our relationship and he suggested we do it this weekend instead of tomorrow and i said theres no point in that... am I wrong or no? Anyway should I just stay with him or should break up ... bc if we breakup caleb really wants to date me and I said maybe after my and ny boyfriend are done. .. so can u help?