Long Lh surge...

Kayla • Mumma to three girls...

Hey ladies,

I'm currently on cd 19 (it's 1am) and I'm trying to work out when I ovulate based on my opk's..

I got my first positive OPK on cd16 the test line was the same colour as the control line.. Again the same situation on cd17.. And I did several tests to be sure..

Well yesterday on cd 18 I had an OPK where the test line was darker than the control..

This is my first month using opk's..

I didn't think the surge went for this long..

We b'd on cd 15, 16 and 18 and will try again today or tomorrow just to be sure..

I'm feeling so confused right now and can't do my temps cause my thermometer broke..

Any advice or opinions would be great.. ?