Love-Sex-Virginity Relationship

Molly • Every now and then I have sex.
Hello, Glow community:)
I have this thing I've been thinking about. Going through the numerous topics on here, I came across one where a young woman is asking for a BC tip before giving up her virginity to a bf she claims to love. So I thought to myself, oooh! Cool that she's prepping:) very wise of her! Then I went to the comment section and saw a trend in the replies. 
A number of people seem to be suggesting that it is better to give up your virginity to the person you 'love'. This raises a question for me of whether or not it really feels better losing your virginity to the one you love.
Personally it didn't happen to me, therefore I have no idea if being in love with the person you give your virginity to is actually better or not. Although, I do know the difference between hust having sex and actually (cheesy as it is) making love, and there is no denying that love is the secret ingredient to sex (Nyphomaniac reference). 
Any opinion or comments?