Not sure what to think...


We timed bd-ing to a tee, or at least I think I did.

Have had almost no symptoms... lots of cm, cervix closed but not consistent in texture, nipple a little sensitive one evening, boobs felt very full for a few days after ovulation, one super vivid dream, and tiny but easy to ignore amounts of queasy feelings in my stomach. I did crave doritos, which I never really eat and we never even have in the house but other than that I am 4 days late (based on 2 other apps that I've been using for almost a year) and glow (which I started using this cycle) says it's due sunday... took a $ store test on wednesday and it was negative. Still no sign of aunt flow, and I feel very leaky down there if that makes sense.

What do ya think?

Am I out?


Just have a feeling it might be my month!