Just an experience to share ?

I just wanted to share for those of you who are trying to get pregnant. So I took a depo shot in January 2014 and I wasn't aware about the horrible effects of it! So after that I stopped taking it and I only got one depo shot in my lifetime and will not consider it in the future due to weight gain and worst side effects! Thank God I got my AF back in June but had irregular cycle. I never count my cycle and just went with it until last month, we decided we are ready to get pregnant because I am 30 y/o right now, so we TTC and I count my cycle in September until October. I also follow my mom's advise to eat bean sprout every day while TTC then miracle happened! AF is 9 days late and I took HPT and both of them were positive! We are due next summer! ? I am going to make dr's appointment today! I'm hoping for smooth and happy pregnancy!