What would you do?

K • Have 4 kids, and a pup

The other day I hacked my so ' s facebook account because he'd been acting real secretive for the last few months.

Some things I believe you should know are as follows:

1. He let one of his employees move in on us, let her borrow my vehicle, let her keep my vehicle for over a week, and her stuff is still in my house (even though it's been a month since she left)

2. He hasn't been evolving me in any of his decisions, not like he use to...he bought a $450 gun without asking what bills I was going to pay...ended up paying rent three days late - which cost an extra $200

3. Accused ME of cheating on him...I'm a stay at home mother of four, so I had a few "off" days (eveyone has a few) and didn't feel like cleaning, or cooking.

Considering all this, I asked his dad if my so was hiding anything from me. His dad said (long story short) that my so hadn't been talking to him either, and thought my so was mad at him...

Two days after my father in law and I had this conversation, my so actually started to talk to me!!!!! Telling me (just about) everything that happened at work!!!! He was getting home "on time" considering he's a manager!!!! Now I understand that can't happen every night, but it sure felt good.

Well last night he got home an hour late :( this morning, while I was checking if some checks had come out of my accout, I saw that he had made a payment to a video game store and had made a withdrawal...both of which were made yesterday, and neither was told to me. So I go and check our "finder's keeper's" app (which allows you to keep track of where everyone is) and noticed he had spent 45 mins at a hotel near his work!!!!!!

I'm upset about all of this and am wondering what I could do to ease my mind...what would you do???