Hyperemesis gravidarum..

Momofboys • mom of 3 on earth and twins in heaven.. due 4/28/17 after 13 months of infertility..
My obgyn just diagnosed me w hyperemesis gravidarum. I have lost close to 14 pounds since sept 2, I  am nauseous 24-7, it wakes me up 2-3am and it's impossible to fall back to sleep sometime. Intensity of nausea varies, I throw up at least 1 time eaely morning and sometime thru out the day. I have NO appetite. I have tried reglan, zofran, wristbands, diff teas - nothing helps. I feel aweful most of the time! I am 15 wks and no sign of relief. I had nausea w all my pregnancies before the entire duration but not this severe.. Any advice? Anyone else diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum?