Infertility Woes

I was diagnosed with endometriosis 2 1/2 years ago. I've had two laparoscopy procedures. The past several months I have stopped taking BC pills. I got married almost 2 months ago and we would like to start a family in the next couple of years. Today, I am 12 weeks late for my period, and two pregnancy tests and a diagnostic ultrasound later, I'm certainly not pregnant. The doctor told me today that it seems like my cycles will be 5-6 weeks instead of the normal 4. That being said, he told me with the cycles that long, I'm not very fertile, and it's not likely that I will become pregnant. I know we're not trying right now, but this news absolutely broke my heart today. I know that many women hear this and later become pregnant several times, but to actually hear those words - I died a little inside. I cried as soon as I got home and feel like even though my husband wants a second opinion, I have every right to take a night to some crying and wine drinking.  Am I right?  Anyway, sorry to vent, but the husband isn't home yet. And any opinions are most definitely accepted.