K • Have 4 kids, and a pup

I envy the ladies here that have, what I consider, the perfect man. No fighting, all talking it out, just plain happy. I've only been known one relationship like that...unfortunately that man has since pasted away :*(

I tend to keep things bottled up until I explode, because I don't want to be seen as "the bad guy" I was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was a child (now 28) and I've done all I can not to get over worked over the smallest of things. When I have a problem with something, I get on here, voice what's bothering me, and wait for the replies.

I keep in mind that whatever the replies are, the decision is mine...which will more then likely be to sit back and wait...:(

I've been told I have a problem with trying to express myself...and every time I do...it ends up in a fight!

I've talked to therapist and (let's just say) it doesn't help. I'll still go home and bottle up my anger...I know it's not god for my health, but that's me.

Thank you for reading, hope your day is blessed!!! 1