This community

This community is full of hate. The communities are supposed to be helpful and insightful, though I only see arguing and belittling. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Posting a topic just for the simple satisfaction of people arguing. To the people who reply to these post you are giving in to what the poster wants.  They want you to argue and hate each other. Can we not all get along and help each other out? If you voice your opinion you should know that others may disagree. That is what America was founded on! So how can you be mad at someone for having a different opinion? Every day I check these communities and every day it's the same story. How can you truly follow the bible if you do not accept others for who they are and what they do. Even if you do not agree with their choices we are still taught to rise above and love everyone. I know I might get some hate for this but I know we can all get along. We just have to try and stop letting others intrude in our minds and pull our strings. Don't let people get to you and they won't have a reason to.