My husband has threatened to kick me out. Why? Because I started a fight in front of his mom. (I know...big no-no).

On one hand...I had every right to be upset, and I am SO PISSED that he is angry with me, when the whole thing wouldn't have happened if he had just shut his face and left me alone.

But on the other hand, I'm ashamed and I know it was wrong to let my emotions get away from me in front of his mom.

I've already apologized to her for the scene I caused.

What started it was he got an attitude because I was on my phone. He and his mom were talking, and it wasn't a conversation I could join in on. What else was I supposed to do???! And he does that ALL THE TIME. he never wants me on the computer, or watching TV, or playing on my phone, or reading, or ANYTHING. He complains when I do things on my own. I'm supposed to be with him, because we're a couple. Ok. I completely agree with him. BUT. He is always on his phone, or playing PlayStation, or talking with his brothers or doing something by himself that I can't join in on. So what am I supposed to do?? Sit there while he completely ignores me???! He expects me to be at his beck and call so I'm there for him whenever he wants me, but I am NEVER allowed to want or need him, and I'm never allowed to do what I want, because he might need me. And every time I bring it up, he straight up lies and denies it.

I'm so sick of it. I stand by everything I said during the fight. I've thought it all over and played it back, and not one thing I said was exaggerated or based on emotions or incorrect. I didn't even yell or get sarcastic, I was very calm. Besides it being in front of his mom, I actually handled myself quite well. He, on the other hand, flat out was lying and being absolutely ridiculous just because he KNOWS I'm right And he messed up.

At this point, it's all about how I messed up rather than fixing the root problem.

He doesn't want to talk about what started it, he just wants to continue to be angry with me because I caused a scene.

How do I move from here? What the crap am I supposed to do?

*just a disclaimer, yes I know he's controlling, no he's not abusive. Yes I'm thinking of leaving if this keeps up. But I'm looking for something I can do to try to fix this. I'm not interested in divorce until I have no other options left*