I need advice from you ladies. Me and my SO have been living together since the beginning of October. We've been together a year. When we didn't live together he was over almost everyday and would spend the night. But ever since we moved in he goes out almost every night. Several times a week he doesn't even come home. He works during the day and I work mid-afternoon into the evening. My daughter, who calls him dad, has to go with my mom after school till I get off work. He's unwilling to help me pick her up 2 days a week and then complains  when I ask for gas because I do a lot of driving between work and taking/picking her up. I have no social life. I'm either working or sleeping and have 1 day off a week with my daughter and on top of that I clean/cook and do laundry on my one day off. I'm always alone because he's never home. When he is home, he passes out. Whenever I try to bring it up he just rubs it in my face that he makes all the money and pays the bills. Tonight I called him after work and told him I was coming to the bar he was at cause I worked a double and didn't see him all day. I got to the bar and the bartender said him and his friend left 5 min ago and then his phone was shut off. He called me an hr later and said, within 10 min of talking to him after work, that he forgot I was coming and hung up on me twice. I don't know what to do. I don't make enough money to live on my own and I do love him, I just don't know how to fix this.