Does anyone else feel like this?

Cheyenne • I am 23 and I have a 6 month old boy, 3 year old little boy and a 4 year old little girl
So I just hit my 3rd trimester (27.3) and I keep going back and forth. One second I want it to hurry up and be February and my baby be here and then next second I kinda just want to enjoy the time my husband and I have left being a couple. I know we need to do that anyway but everytime I see a little baby or see that someone had their baby I wish my Hadley was already here. Don't get me wrong i don't want her to be early or anything I just want the time to fly by like the past 6 months has lol but sometimes when I'm laying in bed being lazy I'm just like yeah you can stay in there ? is anyone else feeling like this?