Worry, worry, worry

Lindsey • Expecting baby #2
Hi all. My name is Lindsey and I am currently 5weeks+6 or so. I have had a history of miscarriage (1 at 8 weeks and 2 at 4 weeks) over the past 2 years. I opted out of beta testing this time around because it's just too stressful, my first appt is this Saturday. My hpt test lines are so dark at this point the control line is almost gone. Good sign I take it. But I can't stop constantly worrying that something is going to be wrong. First I was afraid of a chemical pregnancy again, got passed that and now I'm terrified there won't be a baby in there when I get my first ultrasound. I literally make myself sick with worry over things I can't control. Anyone else feel this constant dread? I guess having lost so much I just am having a hard time excepting that this time could be any different. Sorry for the rant just thought it would be good to reach out :)