Anyone else in the same sorta boat?

❤ 💜 💙 RachelIvyBrown💙 💜 ❤ • I`m Rachel, 24 and I`m married to the love of my life Luke, 23. Our 1 year old called Daniel, he`s so amazing. We love being parents so much, we can`t wait to have another but I was diagnosed pcos
My body sucks! I am currently on CD 71!!!!!! I mean what the hell right? Before I had my son my periods were always regular but in the last 9 months I've only had two periods. I have recently been diagnosed with pcos and all my doctor wants to give me is the pill. But I've been ttc for 4 month, however I haven't told her that because she is so judgemental! Should I just keep trying or give up hope for now? I kinda know what I have to do but I need other ladies to tell me what do to haha

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