Clinique Users

Hey ladies :)
So I recently purchased the Clinique three-step at my local Clinique counter in the mall. I came off of birth control a couple months ago and my hormones are out of whack and I've been breaking out a little bit. I decided to start a serious skin care regimen and have heard raving reviews about Clinique. I am number three (combination-oily skin). I have been using it twice a day since Friday and I have noticed that a couple zits appeared. I have noticed my skin looks clearer in my cheeks and forehead, but where I am oily (t-zone) has been breaking out more. I have heard that sometimes your face gets worse before getting better. This is the first time in a while too that I've used cleanser, toner, and moisturizer twice a day so I feel like all of the gunk is coming to the surface and the products are working. Had this happened to anyone else? Your skin gets a couple breakouts before it really clears everything out?