Need guidance please bt glow n AF app

Kelly • Claire born Oct. 8th 2015 :)
Ok ladies we've been ttc for 2 months. Last month I think I had a cm. Only reason I'm not sure is because I didn't take a pregnancy test but my period came a week early which never happens. I have always been a 32 day cycle 7 day period. But it cut it down to 26. So the grow app decided to do 26 so it changed the days of my most fertile which was the 3rd. But the af app I've used for about 7 months told me after the odd peirod I had i should of been most fertil on the 8th. We baby danced on both fertil times and according to glow my peirod should start today. I don't have feelings she will I've got sore boobs for past 2 days and felt twinges down there left side about 4 days ago. My af app says my peirod won't start till the 22nd. So all the info is about 5 days from eachother. How do I know what info to go by? Please help someone :(