Just venting.

Maryjayne • 27. Wife & mom of boys. 💕
My boyfriend & i are trying to conceive. 
We had sex on all of my most fertile days. 
This month, AF was late. I was having some early pregnancy symptoms. On the 4th day AF was late, I took a test but got a BFN. But we were still hopeful. 
Now on day 6, surprise! Here she is in all her glory. 
I'm very frustrated with my body. 
I have all the symptoms of (but have not been ACTUALLY diagnosed with) endometriosis. I'm fertile according to ovulation tests but it's going to be very hard for me to get pregnant. 
I'm tired of seeing couples who don't even want kids or are in no place to raise kids becoming pregnant and I'm honestly so tired of it. 
Why do I have to be the one who has to just sit by and see all my friends have babies? 
Why does my body trick me into thinking I'm pregnant just to find out I'm not? 
Sorry, like I said I'm just venting. Just really tired of this feeling and acting like I'm fine.