plz don't skip! I need help

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need help! 
with my first born I gave birth @ 33 weeks. I had a high risk pregnancy! I went in for a post partum check up and was told my cells are abnormal (I did a quad genetic test and said my daughter has a 12% of having trisomy 18) I went in to do a colposcopy and after I had to get a biopsy. cells still can't bsck abnormal, possible chance of having cervical cancer!
I was told I couldn't get pregnant ever again, I didn't have insurance for a while so I had to switch obgyn
I found out my uterus is tilted back, somehow a miracle came and I was pregnant with #2. I asked my new OB about my abnormal cells and my concern of cc. she simply said "don't worry about it"
I went in for my confirmation July 25 and was 10 weeks exact, I was excited to hear the baby's heartbeat but to find out the "baby was too small" 
ttc #3
does this mean I possible have cc?
Should I find a new obgyn?