Trying after losing first baby. Anyone fall into this category please read.

I was 7 almost 8 weeks pregnant when I found out my body had a missed miscarriage, that required a D&C. My doctor had the cells tested to find out I had a "Genetic Mutation" referred to as tesimy 16. My OB told me to wait 2 cycles or more to regulate before trying again. For the past 3 months I was so angry and upset didn't want to even think about another baby. But now I've found myself to ready and hoping it does not happen again, crossing my fingers with positivity it was just a fluke. We are not "trying" but letting things happen on their own and leaving this is Gods hands. I am extremly healthy, non smoker, non drinker and work out 6 days a week. So carrying is no issue, just hoping for a healthy pregnancy and to carry full-term. Anyone have success after a miscarriage caused by a genetic mutation such as mine?