Tired of being ignored!!!!!! (It's a rant!)

K • Have 4 kids, and a pup

So yesterday, I cleaned the house, got the kids gloves and hays for the winter, got some plastic for the windows, go a new toilet seat (cause the one was literally falling apart at the seams lol), and got some of HIS personal stuff (blades for his razor, his favorite after shave, and his favorite shampoo)!!!! Even got stuff for dinner that I know he likes....but did I get a thank you???? Hell no!!! Did he even acknowledge that I did ANYTHING?!?!?!?! HELL NO!!!!!!

How do you expect me to be happy 8 I don't even get the acknowledgement I feel like I deserve?????? It's like if I do anything anymore, I either get bitched at, or nothing!!!!! I'm sorry, but I like to know I matter - even if it's a simple "thanks baby, I didn't get my ass pinched when I sat down to shit!!! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!!"

But did I get anything??? HELL NO!!!!!

I'm just sooooo tired of not feeling appreciated for all I do. It's like he expects me to just get stuff done and be happy. Like I don't deserve the acknowledgement for all the hard work I do, just because I'm a s-a-h mom of four!! Yeah I know he works and "brings home the bacon," but it's the LITTLE THINGS THAT COUNT!!!!!! The simple thank you, flowers once in awhile (last time I got flowers? Over a year and a half ago, when his father bought flowers for his step mother!!!) Like he can't do anything romantic, unless someone else does it too!!!!

Asked him about it? Yeah I did!! What did he say? He said that in order to spend anytime with me it costs money!!! COSTS MONEY?!?!?!?! It costs money to spend some time with me?!?!?!?!?! F**K YOU!!!!!! I SPEND TIME WITH THE KIDS 24/7 AND I DONT NEED TO SPEND MONEY JUST TO SPEND TIME WITH THEM!!!!!!! OR TO APPRECIATE THEM!!!!!

Ok Wednesday rant over!! Sorry for all the negativity in this rant!! Love y'all!! And hope everyone has a great day!!!!