SO on testosterone replacement therapy, TTC

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So my SO is on tst, he was on androgel for about 6 months (we were not ttc at that time) he got his T tested and it was lower then before, so we decided the androgel was not working. He got a prescription yesterday for Clomid and we're trying that while trying to conceive.

So, question for you is I've been reading and I've found some disturbing information on androgel saying it stops the production of sperm. I've read that clomid after helps build them up again, but can take 3-12 months. But he did not have a positive impact on the androgel with his T so wondering if he would have with his sperm?

Has anyone had any simular situations, how did it work out. We're just starting to try now, do you think we should get a sperm count done just to see what were working with? Or try in a few months?