AF due on the 22nd.

Kariela • Trying to conceive Michael Isaiah Bryson or E`lena Marie Bryson ♡
So AF is due on the 22nd an so far I haven't had any of my regular period symptons so I'm hoping she doesn't come. Glow told me to go ahead an test today but I'd rather wait out the last couple days an see if AF comes. Symptons I've had are a huge amount of discharge. White watery, creamy discharge. An my boobs have been the most sore they've ever been. Just to the touch hurts.. My bra even hurts them. An I have blue veins now an they're starting to itch also I've noticed. Anyways, keep your fingers crossed for me ladies . We've been trying for almost 7 months. Baby dust to all. ?✨✨✨✨