Don't know what to do??

Sarah • We have been ttc for about 2 1/2 years now and have been through 3 miscarriages, just got a positive test back abs I`m so hoping that this baby makes it... Feeling excited but totally nervous!!
Ok so my period is always right on time and always 4-5 days long, well I have been getting sick allot and thought maybe I was just coming down with something but that was my only symptom then I started bleeding over a week early it was super light and only lasted 1 day, so I took a test 3 days later and got a negative result, its now been over a week since testing and im still sick to my stomach all the time, to the smell of food, eating, and my breasts hurt... Should I take another test?? I've had so many let downs and 3 miscarriages im nervous but wanna know what should I do, please help??