Got fired a day after

Phebe • From London Essex , married with 4year old son 😍 . Finally got my 🌈👶🏽 due in September 2019 💞
I feel like horrible couldn't sleep last night. I found out I was pregnant 2 days ago and got fired yesterday. I have work with this company for 10 months , it independent and I was practically the assistant manager. there was no warning or meeting the reason was because the new manger does not like me , he teamed up with a girl at work who is insure and  made so much lies about me and that was his grounds for getting rid of me. I am scared guys   It nearly Christmas I have no job and im expecting I want celebrate being pregnant but I'm feeling depressed please any words of encouragement. I am glad I have my husband but I loved this company and gave it my job I've even recieved emails from clients who are upset to hear I'm not there any more.