I would love advice.


I am 16 and my boyfriend is 17.

We were not trying to get pregnant, I am guessing the condom broke. He is a great guy and I have been with him for some time now. This is very overwhelming. I still don't know how to tell my grandparents or my parents (who abandoned me)

I took a test yesterday and one said positive and the next negative, I went straight to Alpha House today. I took another test and IM PREGNANT. I had so much planned for the future and I am scared I will lose motivation. I am also worried about if I will even be able to provide for the Angel.

I am against abortion but like my alpha house person said, they are still options. My grandparents will find out and kick me out and I will need to find a new place. Im scared to tell everyone at school also. So, its money, social, and me worrying is my problem.