Mixed relationship

Heather • Classof2016. Not ttc but have baby fever ALOT
So I have a biracial boyfriend he's black and white and I'm white....I love him deeply and he feels the same.....but the thing is....almost everyone in my family is racist....my sister has two mixed babies who live with us my niece and nephew and they have no problems with them, I guess considering they are blood....it's the holidays and I want him to meet my family because we've been together since September and the way it's looking now we're going to be together for quite awhile but I'm just nervous about him meeting my whole family ya know?....I mean don't you think they just need to imbrace it? He's a nice guy but my dad doesn't really like him because of his skin color...him and my dad rarely talk and when they do its short...he's met my mom(she is ok with him and accepts my decisions) my dad, and my sister.....and my sister supports me because she has two mixed kids and encourages me to love him harder and stronger because my family is racist and they shouldn't tell me who I should and shouldn't be with....i have a lot more to say...I just really can't find the words, if that makes sense...I'm just feeling stuck I guess.... but does anybody have any advice or an opinion? I'd really like to hear from you about it