Am I wasting my time?

So I meet this guy back in August for the first time. We talked and found out that we have worked together for the last 3 years, but we have never ran into each other. We went out and talked and decided to try the dating thing. Well 4 days later he broke up with me and said he wants a relationship with me but right now he wants to be friends still hangout and get to know each other and talk but right now he needed to focus on his battle with his kids. This was in September when this happened. He would text me good morning every day until middle of October then it stopped. When I see him he smiles at me and can't take his eyes off and he still has me as a friend on Facebook and he still has my number because I had to send him a message for work. I know he looks at my page because he likes and shares things I have. So am I silly to think there will still be anything when he gets things done or not.