Help calm my fears

Okay... Well, I'm scared I may be pregnant. I ovulated the 8th - 13th and I had unprotected sex the 13th but he didn't cum or come close to it. He also peed before. Well every since 4 dpo my left nipple has hurt and only my nipple. It only hurts if you rub it. I think 6 dpo I had alittle blood but I had rough sex the day before. Nothing else. I haven't had cramps or backache or nausea.. Nothing. And I broke out bad during ovulation and I had bleeding during ovulation (which I've never had before) I'm 12 dpo and my boobs don't hurt (except alittle but on the bottom) I don't have a backache, nothing. I'm not sure but I think it could be a hormonal thing since I broke out so bad and had bleeding, which has never happened before during ovulation. What do you guys think?