I work in the medical field, and I use this app to track my cycles. Normally I don't scroll through the community stuff because I don't have time. While scrolling through it today I realized how stupid some people are! Excuse me for being terribly blunt. I am thoroughly disgusted by the lack of education and all the irresponsible teens. I have come to the conclusion that too many of the women in the world really are uneducated in the dealings of vaginal matters. I really wish girls would be taught better about the nuances that come with the female anatomy. I am even more irritated at how many ask "Do you think I am pregnant?" Really now?! Come on! If you are not responsible enough to go and buy a pregnancy test, and go see a physician about it, then you SHOULD NOT being having unsafe sex or sex in general for that matter! I am in a state of shock and awe really. Mothers really need to start talking more with their daughters about the feminine issues and prepping them for adulthood. I know some people are against this for (as I have heard) "religious" reasons. Fine. I am merely saying that from what I see, there is a severe LACK of education and responsibility going on in this world. 
End of rant.