Mother in laws (mothers of boyfriends)...

🌸 Holly 🌸 • frm London, mummy to Mila born 17/06/15 💕 and Leon born 12/10/17 💙 xxxxxx
I'm going to sound horrible now ... HOWEVER..... My really nice Mother of fiancé is driving me crazy..... Like seriously she is annoying me ... And Is so fussy round my fella, she's really smiley and that but some things she does and says seriously are so ridiculous and irrelevant it's starting to wind me up.. My problem is I know im hormonal being 16 weeks pregnant but I'm letting myself get wound up, my partner understands and has my back as long as I need/deserve it but I think it's a mum in law/daughter things .. I can't explain!!!! Anyone else had this frustration ... I'm almost in tears over it .. Even when I say I'm tired and my fella says he'll take me home she's like "Awww you have to go to? Because hollys tired?" Im just venting ..... Anyone else??

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