Bitch fit!!

Misty • We have 5 boys combined and this baby will be our first?! Long overdue! We can`t wait to see what our DNA creates!!!
Had my first bitch fit tonight with my fiancé. He pissed me off from something stupid. He called and said he was on the way home. An hour later no him. It only takes 15 minutes so I called. No answer. I texted... Nothing. So I call again. No answer. I decide I am going to run out for a sweet snack to calm my nerves and he pulls up blowing the horn at me like where you going? I said don't you dare, and I went off and left. Come to find out he was at the bar down the street visiting his BF because yesterday was his bday and he works at the bar. I was still mad he couldn't just let me know what was going on but I am not a smother mother fiancé. What is wrong with me!!! Aaaahhh!! Hormones!!!