Am i pregnant?

so basically me and this guy had sex he pulled that whole i dont wanna use you for sex an blah blah blah an after they hit it they leave.. so about 3-4 weeks ago we had sex an we used no condom at first (can i just say me an him were really high ) and he smokes every day 24/7 like me (weed) & well, we had sex just for a bit till i randmoly started bleeding an well he stopped an after a while we tried again an i still bled then well after that day we just stopped talking and w.e . Then around a week or 2 later idk i was just really down an my hormones was all over the place an well me an this guy hooked up i know it sounds bad, but em he was a virgin an we had sex twice in that day n he didnt cum in me or nothing , but idk im scared cause idk if im going parinoid or something but ive been eating lot an my period hasnt come this week! & i have never been late an to mention when i had sex with this other guy i started to bleed as much as i did last time im 15 and am i pregnant ? or am i stressing myself out or ??? please help! ????