Help!? Implantation ⚠ (no pic/tmi)

Okay so I'm 13dpo, yesterday night(12dpo) I experienced some light brown spotting only on the TP, my first thought was WTH cause I don't get brown spotting before my period.. and my period starts the day of my period not much spotting involved... anyway so I just woke up and checked and there was still some brown spotting but there was also some redish pink, still only on the TP. Also my temps are still high, I normally get a drop the day before my period.. also I'm luteal phase is always 14 days so AF would be starting 2 days early?? I'm confused if this is implantation bleeding...? I took a test yesterday morning and it was negative so I'm hoping that's what this is so I can have a BFP still this month... also my uterine linining is always very lush so I'm thinking the red blood is to be expected.... help please I'm hoping AF didn't show early I'll be so pissed. Also has anyone experience this and been pregnant?