To soon.

So, I'm not sure what to do?? I'm so confused...back in April of this year i started birth control. It was the monessa brand. I didn't really like it , it cause a tremendous amount of bleeding, cramping and i just felt drained. I finished the cycle pack because it was my first time taking it, thought it was normal. After that i stopped taking it because it was too much for me. Then in may i missed my period up until august not sure of the dates, but it lasted only 2 days. Then i missed September and i had one in October that lasted 2 days. The whole time I've been taking test. All negative. Then in November i had one for 2 weeks straight. Now its December and i just had blood mixed with my discharge. For a couple of days but its was like a couple of times both days. My period has been off since may. I usually have regular periods. I've been so exhausted, nauseated, and major headaches. I took a test yesterday December 26. It was negative. But this whole time I've been to the doctor and everything is normal. I also have a a bump on my cervix is that normal? I've been researching and all I've seen is cancer or HPV what is it if the doctors say normal???? But is it to early to test if last month I started on the 10th and ended on the 24th?????