Hospital visit

Well today I went to the hospital because I was experiencing bleeding and cramping which I was told in the first trimester is worrisome. After lots of tests and TONS of time I was told it was a threatened misscarriage but that the baby looked perfect and the heartbeat was strong and that all of my blood work came back perfect. Which made me feel a lot better. He did say that j still have a 50/50 chance of misscarriage. I wasn't too pleased that the hospital visit took 7 1/2 hours and that during the ultrasound he turned the screen away from me and then left the room and didn't come back for an hour which of course I was panicked the whole time. And then they didn't give me a copy of the ultra sound. I was also told to go see my obgyn as soon as possible and not to have sex and to take it easy. I'm just happy my baby is okay. I was so scared.