Treatment plan advice for ttc


If you've already been diagnosed through a laparoscopy, is your doctor still making you wait a full year before assisting with you ttc?

I was diagnosed through a lap 4 years ago and then had a mirena IUD inserted to suppress the endo til my hubby and I were ready for a baby. The IUD worked wonderfully and I was practically pain free the whole time.

Prior to diagnosis, I have had issues since the first period I ever had. They were heavy, never ending, and so painful I couldn't function. I was put on continuous birth control starting at 13 years old. Eventually the birth control stopped working and I was in tremendous pain again. I couldn't have sex with my husband because I felt like I was full of needles and I would bleed afterwards. Thank God I finally found an angel doctor who would listen to me and ended up diagnosing me (after 10 years of suffering!).

Fast forward to now, my husband and I moved a year ago and I was forced to find a new doctor. She boasts that she specializes in endometriosis and infertility. My old doctor had discussed a plan with me that when hubby and I were ready she would let us try on our own for 3-4 months and then she would intervene (probably with clomid first). Here's my problem... when I went in to the new doctor to get the iud removed and preconception appt, she basically brushed off all of my concerns and said to just try not to stress and to call her in a year if we aren't pregnant by then.

I don't think she quite understands... I cannot let endo wreck havoc on my body for an entire year. I have a very active life and career. The past 4 years with the IUD suppressing it have been the best years of my WHOLE life because I didn't have pain to drag me down. The longer I'm off birth control the worse this is going to get.

I don't really know what to do. Should I try to find another doctor here? It's a small town so I don't know how likely that is. Should I call her and push the issue? Just in four months I've noticed a considerable increase in pain. Or should I drive 3 hours to see my old doctor?

This is soooo frustrating! I hate this disease. I wish it didn't exist so none of these worries would exist.

Thanks in advance for reading my whole story and for any advice.