Work and pregnancy

So I'm 32 weeks prego and work in home health , the lady I take care of is HORRIBLE TO ME and we do not really get along ! I've been finding my ways to get out of work due to how emotional I am when she is the way she is to me ! I called out for the weekend and made up some little white lies bad I know but I just don't know how much more I can take ! I am having a lot of pressure due to my pelvic bone cartalidge is already opening and breaking away but I sort of told my work in a message I may be going on bed rest ?, I go to my Drs on Tuesday for my 32 week check up and I'm sure she would write me a note for light duty but I mean I can't stand working for this woman I dred it !!! Is it bad that I already want to be on maternity leave and tell my boss they want me pulled from work ? I only work 20 hrs anyways ! I can't really afford it but I can't afford the stress she causes me too !! I'm freaking out just the thought of calling my boss my Monday to check in with her and let her know what the plan is but not sure what I'm going to say ?I only work Tuesday thru Saturday 830-1230 but it's HORRIBLE !!!!!please help !! Inputs ! Suggestions??? Please also know I'm a high risk pregnancy, type 1 diabetic for 17 years and had a miscarriage once .....what should I do ???